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Photo Essay: At The Atlanta Art Museum

August 22, 2011


Gerhard Richter-The Reader. This was striking in the gallery with the rest of Richter’s work, all of which were large glass structures. The comparative warmth of this painting made it stand out to me even more. 

On a bench by Jenny Holzer.

Digitized table in reality.

More tables being built by a robot in the gallery.

Duck Hunt.

This is a coffee and tea set. The two little satellite things are for cream and sugar.

Giant lamp.

An explanation of Oki Sato's work in which styrofoam chairs (and cardboard tables) are transformed into functional pieces with the use of graphite tape.

Chair progression.

Finished chairs.

See? It really is styrofoam.

More Sato: These chairs were made with the excess material that is usually thrown away after projects are completed.


Inside Anish Kapoor's stainless steel piece, Untitled (2010). If two people stand in the center of the bowl, no matter how far apart, even whispers can be heard from great distances, as if by telepathy. Kapoor also did Chicago's "Bean," Cloud Gate.

Radclliffe Bailey.

Radcliffe Bailey.

Radcliffe Bailey-Windward Coast. The 'sea' is made of collected piano keys.

Nearly all of these photos were taken by my brother.

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