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Photo Essay: At Coke HQ

September 2, 2011

The entrance to the public portion of Coke's headquarters is filled with glowing video monitors, memorabilia spanning decades, and statistics: "Coke is being enjoyed in 200 countries around the world." "The Coca-Cola Company has over 500 products in its portfolio." "Coca-Cola serves 1.6 billion people per day..."

My very first fully consumed bottle of Coke.

A very nostalgic can nestled in a display of dozens of others. My cousin used to down these by the case as a preteen, stacking them and blasting them with nerf guns on all-nighters.

Emo Pop

You cannot conceive the amount of junk that Coke managed to shove behind glass. Much of the "museum" involved a fair amount of gimmickry (including a baffling cartoon welcome movie with singing freaks looking like hackneyed knock offs of "AH! Real Monsters.") The best displays were interesting on their own, for all that they implied culturally. Also, that's my mom over there.


This right here is the best reason to visit the HQ: Samples of over 60 Coke products from around the world. For a guy whose first full carbonated beverage came at 23, this was pretty exciting. Also, local favorites like Vanilla Coke are there.

Photos by Justin DiPiero

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