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What We’re Reading-Week of 9.5.11

September 8, 2011

Weekly inspiration in:


Greening The Concrete Jungle (The Economist)

A Jobs Plan For The Post-Cubicle Economy (The Atlantic)

Do Happier People Word Harder? (NYTimes)

A Few Too Many-Is There Any Hope For The Hung Over? (The New Yorker)

Up And Then Down-The Lives Of Elevators (The New Yorker)


The Way We Are-David Sedaris (The New Yorker)

New Yorker’s List Of Reader’s Favorites¬†

Madeline (Fiction, n+1)

Man Booker Prize 2011 Short List

Best American Short Stories 2011


Noel Gallagher After Oasis (Chuck Klosterman)


Doppelbock Bread (Bittman)

Peach Butter (Smitten Kitchen)


New York City By Heart-A man sketches an 18-foot portrait of NYC based on only what he remembers from a 20 minute helicopter ride.


Complete Archive Of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”

Lover’s Planes Collide Midair

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