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What We’re Reading-Week Of 9.19.11

September 23, 2011

Weekly inspiration in:

In a Married World, Singles Struggle for Attention

Drink Beer To Help The World Economy

Study: patent trolls have cost innovators half a trillion dollars

Drop In Uninsured Young Adults

Radiolab: An Appreciation By Ira Glass

Getting In: The Social Logic Of Ivy League Admissions

This Year’s Genius Grants

The $2,000 An Hour Woman

Apple’s New Headquarters


Not Quite Gone, A Punk Band Is Coming Back (Blink-182’s new album, NYTimes)

NPR First Listen: Wilco

R.E.M. Is Done

The Beatles’ Rooftop Concert: The Last Gig


It’s time again for NPR’s Three Minute Fiction

Celebrating 50 Years Of ‘The Phantom Tollbooth’ 

Los Angeles Literary Calendar

Infinite Jest: 3 Ways To Visualize The DFW Classic

1984: The Masterpiece That Killed George Orwell


Scientists Report Breaking The Speed Of Light, But Can It Be True?

CIA Says Global Warming Intelligence Is ‘Classified’


Where to Look Up Dry-Hopping and Decoction

Olive Oil, Nuts Better Than Drugs For Heart Disease: Spanish Study

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