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Assorted Good Meals

October 12, 2011

Food highlights from the past month or two:

Atlanta: Food Truck Gathering

My truck choice: Pork arepa.

One of the most satisfying meals I've had: raw oysters, Jalapeño gaspacho, $3 Guinness. Fontaine's Oyster House, Atlanta.

IPA At Lexington Avenue Brewing, Asheville, NC. Grapefruit, strong hop, some malty sweetness. Really good.

Chille relleno plate at Del's, Tucumcari

Kilt Lifter, a Phoenix area local. Malty red ale.

Sopapilla, piping hot from the fryer. Light and slightly crispy. 

Cooking Channel Truck at the L.A. Farmer's Market=free ice cream.

Calamari and ink sauce, L.A. Farmer's Market. Salty, meaty, melty.

Spanish beer with Spanish food.

Buttermilk cake doughnut from Bob's in the Farmer's Market. Best old fashioned doughnut I've had to date.

My first ramen: Beef curry. Super viscous broth, great, chewy noodles.

Angel City Ale. Malty and easy to drink. On tap in a warehouse/art gallery.

Imagawayaki: fluffy, crispy pancakes filled with not-too-sweet red bean paste. Little Tokyo, LA

Doughnut filled with earthy, nutty bean paste.

Spaten Optimator at Wurstkuche, LA.

Atlanta photos by Justin.

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