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What We’re Reading: Week Of 10.31.11

November 3, 2011

We took a break for Halloween, but have returned with weekly inspiration in:

Commentary/Current Events

Building A House Of Wax In Cleveland-Vinyl startup thrives in Cleveland

Zines Have A Resurgence Among Web-Savvy-(see?)

53% Surge In Poverty Is Reshaping Suburbs

President To Ease Student Loan Burden For Low-Income Graduates

‘Visual Storytelling’: New Language For The Age Of Data Overload

Why Kids With Same-Sex Parents Need Legal Protections

Cost Of College On The Rise (Again) …as if we needed more evidence

The Way We Teach Math, Sciences, And Languages Is Wrong-A little heavy handed, but I agree with the basic sentiments here.

Breaking A Long Silence On Population Control

Do A Barrel Roll!


A really pretty video recipe for pumpkin gnocchi

Java Man: How Caffeine Created The Modern World

Can Coffee Save Your Life? “Scientists say a cup of joe can help ward off cancer, diabetes, depression, and more. Anneli Rufus on a dozen of coffee’s miraculous benefits—and a few of its scary side effects.”

Local Food: No Elitist Plot and A Clarification

The Lost Art Of Buying From A Butcher-Nose to tail seems to be catching on again (!)

Why You Should Be Drinking Cheap Wine

Making The Grade: Why The Cheapest Maple Syrup Tastes The Best


Vonnegut In All His Complexity

Is This The Future Of Punctuation?!–I don’t agree with everything here (like the unwarranted prejudice against the semicolon), but it’s an interesting read.

Will Social Media Make Us Anti-Social? A Talk With Gary Shteyngart (Author of Super Sad True Love Story)


Willie Nelson Covers Coldplay (for Chipotle)

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