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Pittsburgh: Pamela’s Pancakes Are A Treasure

January 23, 2012

Check out those bubbles! A unique textural achievement!

Often pegged for having one of America’s top pancake dishes, Pamela’s Diner in Pittsburgh deserves every bit of praise that comes its way. The signature plate seen above consists of two pancake rolls lined with a sort of ingenious (but judicious) smear of tangy sour cream and a sprinkling of brown sugar, plus a good amount of strawberries. As fantastic as this combination is, the pancakes themselves are the real stars. The interiors are fluffy and soft, while the exteriors crisp impossibly–dark, buttery, and fragile as if pressed with a waffle iron.

I took this photo on my third visit to Pamela’s, during which I confirmed what I had previously hypothesized: it’s all about the edges. Next time I might even skip the whole roll up deal and go plain, although for the full experience I recommend everyone start with the strawberry version. Multiple Pittsburgh locations,

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