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Week Of 1.23.12

January 27, 2012

Frequent readers (hi mom!) will have noticed the recent drop off of the “What We’re Reading” series. Long story short, I got busy. And I’m sorry.

Also, though, the series was a bit flawed from the start. True, the links were what I had read and found really compelling that week. But the at times long lists could be overwhelming to put together (for me) and to sort through (for you). Instead of continuing, from here on I’ll be doing a “Week Of” post with fewer links and a bit more context/coverage. And, go.

-In a move that looks suspiciously magnanimous, big box stores are apparently close to selling mostly/all sustainable seafood.

-The New Yorker released The Obama Memos this week, which detail the governing style of our President by pointing to correspondences around key decisions. As someone who admired the President precisely because he appeared to be a great negotiator, I have been just as disheartened as anyone to observe the dysfunction that greets a moderate approach. Disappointment turned to anger, as it has with so many liberals, and since demanding that the President fight back, it appears as if he is finally stepping up to the plate–a move articulated by his declarations at this week’s State of the Union to act independently if necessary. But I still wonder if we liberals and independents, in demanding that Obama fight back, are pressuring him to capitulate to a system of partisanism that we elected him to defeat.

-There are books on #OWS now. Two are reviewed. Elsewhere, U.S. handling of the protests cause a drop in Press Freedom Rankings.

What Happened Before The Big Bang? Or alternatively, What Happened Before The Big Bang?

-Paula Deen revealed that she has diabetes this week, surprising exactly one person.

-The Atlantic discusses healthier information consumption.

-And just in case you were considering voting Republican: Romney donates to hate groups, while Santorum decries learning about things. Gingrich, on the other hand, is still a grumpy bastard.

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  1. January 27, 2012 6:14 pm

    “-Paula Deen revealed that she has diabetes this week, surprising exactly one person.”


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